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Bait Jar with Gel Starter Kit

Willapa Marine Products, Inc.

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If you’ve ever wanted to catch more crab, shrimp or crawfish, this starter kit is for you. The fragrant Shrimp/Crab Gel will lure your favorite crustacean into any trap; simply empty entire contents into the slotted bait jar or mix with your favorite bait.
The thick gel composite is made with 100% real bait, salmon egg juices and pure anise oil. It leaves an intense scent trail that's sure to get your trap full!


  • Slotted Bait Jar
  • Attaching Cable Tie
  • 100% Real Bait
  • Available in White or Fluorescent Red
  • Model#00264


  • Slotted 1/2 Liter Bait jar
  • 6 oz. Jar of Shrimp/Crab Gel


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